Learning To Hangglide: Traditional Foot launch ( Graduated Step Method ) Or Aerotowing? Pro's and Con's

Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to Aerotowing. Although fun and definitely complimentary to your learning experience; it is not the only or necessarily the preferred way to learn. To truly become proficient, a combination of methods is best to develop into a well rounded pilot capable of a variety of skills. Each method is distinctly different; both with benefits and shortcomings.

Aerotowing is a complicated process involving an ultralight plane pulling up a student and instructor with a tow line, special equipment and releases, etc. Glider releases from an altitude of 2500 feet; letting the two of them glide back down. Student is allowed to steer the glider for a short time until it is time to land. Aerotowing became popular in areas of the country where there was no access to hills and mountains. Although innovative, there are some definite pro's and con's learning to fly this way. Next Page                                                   Page 1 of 3