Have you ever dreamed of flying? Have you ever stood atop a hill or mountain and felt the breeze in your face and wondered what it would be like to step forward, spreading your wings and gliding out to the valley below? Or explore a mountain ridge by gliding along it, staying aloft for hours on the lift along its face? You can if you learn to foot launch a hangglider.

Learning to Foot Launch a hangglider is a time honored method, similar to learning how to ski. It involves a pilot picking up and balancing the glider wing on his or her shoulders. Once balanced, the pilot begins a progressive run into the wind and down the gently sloping hillside. Within a few running steps the glider begins to fly and soon glider and pilot are soaring down the slope. An instructor will give control input suggestions via harness mounted radio to encourage the new pilot to act and react as needed. Next Page

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