Thank you for your inquiry into our lesson program. The Maryland School of Hanggliding Inc. is Baltimore and Washington's longest continuously operated Hanggliding School featuring over 23 years experience and USHGA certified instruction. We are factory authorized representatives for all major brands of equipment including Wills Wing, Moyes, Seedwings and LaMouette. We teach year 'round and weekday lessons are also available. Foot launch training is our specialty which enables students to fly any mountain or hillside without depending upon a mechanical means
(tow ) to become airborne.

HOW TO START: First you have to attend one of our classroom ground school courses. These are held once a month inside the building at the base of one of our training hills ( Oregon Ridge ) on a Thursday evening at 6:30 PM. It is generally the First Thursday of the month. In the summer months we often have a glider set up outside around 5:30 and ( informally ) demonstrate groundhandling skills for those who can make it out a little earlier. This will enable you to pick up and run with the glider to get an idea of what the first lesson is dedicated to. Next Page
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